Seeking WWI & WWII veteran info

Luther Stowe, Fannie Gray, Wilburn Stowe

I’m planning to post veteran stories and pictures during the month of May. I’m looking for any WWI & WWII veterans from Mecklenburg County, Virginia. Above is a picture of Fannie Gray (born Mecklenburg, VA) with two of her sons. (born in Kankakee near Chicago). Fannie had 6 sons serve in WWII, all came home safely.

  1. Do you have a picture of this veteran in uniform?
  2. If not, do you have any picture of this veteran?
  3. Do you know any unit info? Or have you seen a draft card for them? ( I can easily help you find this if you haven’t)
  4. Do you know any places they served?
  5. Do you know any stories about this veteran? (at any time in their life?)
  6. (Note: If the veteran is still living, I will need to ask permission to post a picture of them)

I would like to post in the words of whoever is telling me the story. But if you don’t like that idea, I can write a draft. Then send it to you until it is the way you would like to see this posted. If you have stories & pictures to share, please contact me. (contact Julie)

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