The Magisterial area as shown on the VDOT map. Western boundary is the Brunswick/Mecklenburg county boundary line. The southern boundary is the Virginia/North Carolina boundary line.

  1. St. Tammany/Bracey
  2. Joyceville (present day in Brunswick, pre-1900 Robert Joyce’s property in Mecklenburg)
  3. Riggan’s Store
  4. Shaw’s Store
  5. Void

Rufus Kidd store

Holly Grove

Lucy Burton house

Lambert barn and store, & Bracey General Store

Ridout house

  1. Bracey
  2. school on FJ Burton’s property at Nellie Jones Rd
  3. Carroll Boyd
  4. Great Creek
  5. school on Jimmy Kidd’s property at Nellie Jones Rd
  6. St. Stephens
  1. Great Creek Presbyterian
  2. Holly Grove Baptist
  3. Kingswood Methodist
  4. Lebanon Primitive Baptist
  5. Rehoboth Methodist
  6. Roanoke RZUA
  7. St. Marks Episcopal
  8. St Stephens RZUA

Great Creek


Holly Grove


FJ Burton & Julius Lambert family

Cannon cemetery

Frederick & Nelly Jones

Parthenia Jones Lambert

Baxter Lambert family

Warren County, North Carolina

Brunswick County, Virginia

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