The first church in Mecklenburg County, Virginia

St. James Church was the first church in Mecklenburg County, Virginia. The deed for St. James church was recorded in deed book 1, page 259. The deed records that the church wardens paid David Christopher one shilling sterling for two acres, which were a part of David’s original land patent. The location of the twoContinue reading “The first church in Mecklenburg County, Virginia”

Towns in Mecklenburg, Virginia

The definitions of the different categories of places in Virginia can be confusing. The constitution of Virginia defines localities different than all other states do. For instance, Virginia has independent cities, which function completely separate from a county. An independent city in Virginia functions the way counties do in most other states. You cannot beContinue reading “Towns in Mecklenburg, Virginia”

Jones & Newman early Baptist connection

Martha Newman was orphaned and living in Orange County, Virginia in 1820 with her grandparents William Newman and Ann Finnell. I pondered, how could her future husband, James B. Jones who lived in Mecklenburg at the time, meet Martha Newman who was living in Orange? They married the following year, in 1821, so I thoughtContinue reading “Jones & Newman early Baptist connection”

Mecklenburg Militia Officers, Revolutionary War

I wondered where I could learn more about the Mecklenburg County militia. I had seen several men from Mecklenburg referred to in court records with the titles of military officers, but could not find them in the United States Army rosters or muster rolls. One example is an ancestor of mine named David Dortch. SeveralContinue reading “Mecklenburg Militia Officers, Revolutionary War”