Churches: Past & Present

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I divided the county into numbered areas for organization on this website. The red outlines are designated areas of the towns. Bracey also has a designated area. The green outlines are areas that are larger than the official designated town boundaries. I assigned the green extended boundary as part of the town area. Red numbers are towns. White numbers are divided rural areas.

Town of Chase City

Town of Clarksville

State Line Church

contributed by Kenny Pittard

Town of Boydton

Boydton Baptist

Boydton Methodist

Boydton Presbyterian

Boydton United Methodist

Historic St. James Church

Town of South Hill

Free Union

(south west of town)

First Baptist

South Hill Presbyterian

Town of La Crosse

Town of Brodnax

Area 7:

Area 8:

Area 9:

Area 10:

Area 11:

Area 12:

Area 13:

Area 14:

Area 15:

Area 16:

Area 17:

Area 18:

Area 19:

Area 20:

Area 21:

Area 22:

Area 23:

Area 24:

Area 25:

Area 26:

Area 27:

Area 28:

Area 29:

Area 30:

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