Mecklenburg County Churches: Past & Present

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Mecklenburg County Deed indexes from 1765-1933 list about 300 churches. Some churches changed names, denomination or moved. I’m comparing notes from my pictures and visits with deed records and maps.

Churches before 1800

  1. Saint James Episcopal Church, deed 1766
  2. Presbyterian Church, deed 1777
  3. Methodist Episcopal Church, deed 1793
  4. Pisgah Chapel, deed 1794

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no longer standing







Seventh Day Adventist

African American pre-1940

pre-civil war

County Denomination Histories







Seventh Day Adventists



Amity Colored Baptist Church, deed 1879

Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ

Ascension Protestant Episcopal Church, deed 1930

Baptist Church, deed 1848

Baptist Church, (about 1890, present day Bracey Community Center)

Baptist Colored Church, deed 1874

Berea Christadelphian Church

Bethany Baptist Church

Bethel Church, deed 1857

Bethel Baptist Church

Bethel Grove Church

Bethel Meeting House, deed 1804

Bethesda Baptist Church

Bethlehem Colored Church, deed 1881

Bethlehem Meeting House, deed 1851

Bethlehem Methodist Episcopal Church, deed 1821

Biblewood Church of Christ

Black Branch Baptist Church

Bloom Hill Baptist Church

Bloomhill Colored Baptist Church, deed 1880

Bluestone Baptist Church, deed 1807

Bluestone Baptist Church, deed 1860

Board of Church Extension United Presbyterian, deed 1875

Board of Missions to Freedmen of United Presbyterian, deed 1877

Board of Missions to Freedmen of United Presbyterian, deed 1880

Boydton Baptist Church, deed 1879

Boydton Methodist Episcopal Church, deed 1871

Boydton Presbyterian Church, deed 1824

Boydton Presbyterian Church, deed 1872

Boydton Protestant Episcopal Church, deed 1842

Buffalo Baptist Church, deed 1825

Canaan Church

Catholic Benevolent Philadelphia Colonization Society of Irish, deed 1878

Cedar Grove Church

Cedar Grove

Cedar Grove Baptist, deed 1931

Chase City Presbyterian, deed 1880

Cherry Hill, deed 1878

Christian & Missionary Alliance, deed 1931

Christian Antioch, deed 1878

Church or Meeting House, deed 1808

Clarksville Baptist, deed 1873

Clarksville Presbyterian, deed 1861

Colored, deed 1877

Colored Baptist, deed 1877

Concord Baptist, deed 1817

Cox Creek Chapel Christian, deed 1801

Easter’s Church, deed 1857

Ebenezer Baptist



Epheseus Baptist, deed 1880

Faith Missions at Home & Abroad, deed 1879

First Church of Christ (Holiness), deed 1931

First United Presbyterian of Chase City, deed 1874

Free Union Church

Freedmen Presbyterian

Friendship United Methodist

Gilgal Baptist, 1847

Good Shepherd Roman Catholic Church

Gravel Hill Baptist

Gravel Hill Presbyterian

Great Creek Presbyterian

Greater Hayes Grove Baptist


Grove Church

Hephgibah Meeting House, deed 1804

Holly Grove

Jerusalem Baptist, deed 1932

Jerusalem Temple

Jerusalem United Church of Christ

Kingswood Methodist, deed 1808

La Crosse Baptist

La Crosse Methodist

Lacy Hoge, deeds 1851 and 1855

Lake Country Community Church

Lambert Chapel RZUA, deed 1881

Lebanon Primitive

Lewis Chapel Methodist Episcopal, deed 1874

Liberty Baptist

Living Waters Ministry of South Hill

Lombardy Grove Meeting House, deed 1843

Malone Baptist, deed 1847

Mecklenburg Baptist

Meeting House or Church, deed 1802

Methodist, deed 1805

Methodist, deed 1812

Methodist Episcopal, deed 1793

Methodist Episcopal, deed 1806

Methodist Episcopal, deed 1811

Methodist Episcopal, deed 1812

Methodist Episcopal, deed 1819

Methodist Episcopal, May 1824

Methodist Episcopal, Dec 1824

Methodist Episcopal, deed 1838

Methodist Episcopal, deed 1839

Methodist Episcopal, deed Sep 1840

Methodist Episcopal, Nov 1840

Methodist Episcopal (centinery), deed June 1840

Methodist Episcopal, deed 1850

Methodist Episcopal, deed 1860

Methodist Episcopal, deed 1876

Methodist Episcopal Parsonage, deed 1863

Miles Bethel CME

Mount Ararat, deed 1881

Mount Horeb Baptist Church, deed 1860

Mount Zion, deed 1878

Mount Zion Baptist of Clarksville, deed 1871

Nelson Baptist

New Hope

North View Baptist

Olive Branch Baptist, deed 1880

Parsonage North Mecklenburg Methodist Episcopal, deed 1930

Penuel RZUA

Pilgrim Travelers, deed 1876

Pisgah Church, deed 1794

Pleasant Grove Methodist Episcopal, deed 1873

Pleasant Grove Protestant Methodist, deed 1854

Poplar Springs Methodist Episcopal, deed 1853

Potomac Conference Corporation of Seventh Day Adventists, deed 1933

Presbyterian, deed 1777

Protestant Episcopal, deed 1817

Protestant Episcopal, deed 1845

Protestant Episcopal, deed 1881

Providence Methodist Episcopal, deed 1932

Rehoboth Methodist Episcopal, deed 1847

Rehoboth Methodist Episcopal, deed 1874 (now Boydton United Methodist)

Roanoke Christian

Roanoke Zion

Rocky Mount, deed 1878

Saint Andrew, (site of Old Speed Church)

Saint Andrew’s Church, deed 1878

Saint James Episcopal Church (Boydton)

Saint James Episcopal Church, deed 1766

Saint James Methodist Church, deed 1869

Saint John’s Baptist Church

Saint Level Baptist Colored Church, deed 1880

Saint Mark’s Church

Saint Paul’s Church

Saint Stephens RZUA

Saint Timothy’s Episcopal, Clarksville, deed 1860

Sardis Methodist, deed 1853

South Hill Methodist, deed 1811

State Line Church

Wharton Memorial

Wylesburg, deed 1855

Zion United Methodist Church

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