William B. Jones deposition about Revolutionary War in Mecklenburg, VA

This is the second deposition of my ancestor William B. Jones for John Carroll. I love this deposition for several reasons: He talks about growing up in the same “neighborhood” as John Carroll, going to the same school as John Carroll, and that his brother John Jones was serving with John Carroll. William vividly remembersContinue reading “William B. Jones deposition about Revolutionary War in Mecklenburg, VA”

Alvy Dortch left Mecklenburg for economic reasons

Alvin (Alvy) Dortch endured many tragedies and hardships. He was one of five children. His mother Sarah Poythress died when he was only age 9. His father and two other siblings died by the time he was age 14. He also suffered from severe depression. I assume Alvin’s older sister Martha was like a motherContinue reading “Alvy Dortch left Mecklenburg for economic reasons”

Virginia Veteran records & monuments

These are some pictures I took in Jan 2006 at the Virginia War Monument, located at: 621 S Belvidere St, Richmond, VA 23220. I highly recommend a visit. I’ve visited this Monument several times. I’ve also told several friends and family who are veterans about this monument. They all told me they were really impressedContinue reading “Virginia Veteran records & monuments”

Charlie Lee Clark-WWII veteran

Charlie Lee Clark was the son of George Clark and Blanche Woodard. Charlie was born in Richford, New York, but was raised in Halifax County, Virginia. Charlie married Rosa Drewery Dortch, who was known by her friends and family as Drew Dortch. (Her brother, Robert Leonard Dortch was the previous veteran spotlight on this website.)Continue reading “Charlie Lee Clark-WWII veteran”

Robert Leonard Dortch-WWII veteran

Robert Leonard Dortch was in the Army during WWII. I’m told he went more by his middle name of Leonard. His registration card says he was 5 feet, 8 inches tall, 165 pounds, blue eyes, black hair and dark complexion. After the war, Leonard lived in Norfolk for awhile. While married to Virginia Johnson, heContinue reading “Robert Leonard Dortch-WWII veteran”

Henry Clay Kidd-WWI Veteran

Henry Clay Kidd was a wounded WWI veteran. He stayed awhile in a European hospital recovering. Henry was gassed badly during the war. It affected his lungs and skin for the rest of his life. He returned to the United States Apr 1919. I met Elva Kidd White two months ago (Mar 2020). She showedContinue reading “Henry Clay Kidd-WWI Veteran”