I’ve always loved books, libraries, archives and researching. I enjoy listening to people’s stories, looking for old houses, and finding forgotten rural family cemeteries. I study maps and read court documents to look for new things to find, photograph and share.

Looking at names of Mecklenburg, Virginia veterans who died in various military conflicts. (Richmond, VA)

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5 responses to “Introduction”

  1. Elaine Baldasare Avatar
    Elaine Baldasare

    Julie, I love this. Thank you so much for staying in touch and sharing your information. You are a treasure. Elaine

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  2. Hi Julie! I love your new site—you have so much valuable information to share! Thanks for the note. I’ll try to write back soon. I’m terrible at snail mail so you might get a Word doc file that I’ve typed and printed off. 😂 My hand can’t keep up with my brain anymore when I write by hand because I’m so used to typing. Congrats on all of your research success!

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    1. Thank you! I’m so pleased you like it. No worries, type away to my email, & I’ll read & enjoy your email.


      1. May I use the photo above on the FRGS website for the April meeting page?


      2. yes, no problem. Thanks for asking!


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