La Crosse Virginia

La Crosse became an incorporated town in Mecklenburg County in 1901. This brief line in the newspaper (above) listed what was on the court calendar for the next session. This notice was printed 9 Feb 1901, so La Crosse probably officially became a town in February or March 1901, depending on when court was held. The area was known as La Crosse before officially becoming a town (incorporation). La Crosse and it’s name are an interesting thing. It’s spelled like the sport of lacrosse. I’ve seen newspaper articles debating on whether the spelling is one word or two. But people can agree that the name comes from the town being located where two railroad lines crossed. I’ve read in some places the two lines were: The Atlantic and the Danville Railway lines. This news article below says the Seabord Air Line and Southern Rail Ways. My ancestors who were in what is known today as the Bracey area, were earlier referred to in newspapers and the Census as living in La Crosse.

I really enjoyed this article written in 1902, a year after the town’s incorporation. It describes the buildings, economy, things sold, tobacco industry, lists a population of 500, and names the school and the principal.

My husband and I took these pictures of La Crosse. In addition to this post, these pictures will show up (within a few days of this post) under the ‘pictures of places’ section of this website. I’m trying to include pictures both past and present from around the county; partly to preserve some history, and partly for those who haven’t been to Mecklenburg to see what places look like. If you have pictures you’d like to have included here, and be credited for, please email me.

La Crosse train depot
La Crosse town cemetery

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  1. Before it was officially LaCrosse, it was known as Piney Ponds. It was an area a few hundred yards  directly east of the old La Crosse school where, when I  was a child, a large stand of pines trees were in a low lying area. Am traveling now but when I  get back to SD, will scan the short historical reference to pre 1900 and send to youSent from my Galaxy Tab A

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