I visited this cemetery with my husband Aaron, 14 Oct 2007. It was behind Lindbergh Tudor’s house, back in the woods. Lindbergh’s home is on Marengo Rd. Lindbergh found this cemetery on his property. He constructed and put up the fence and gate. Sarah and Walters’ tombstones were buried about 2 inches under the dirt, broken. He temporarily set the stones together so I could get pictures. There are some flat, upright stones, but they don’t appear to have ever had writing or carving on the stones. Lindbergh and I estimated about 14 graves with field stones. It looked like there were two rows of burials. Maybe three rows for part of the cemetery.

This land adjoined a farm that before 1900 was a Baisey farm. Sarah Walker, who is buried in this cemetery was an heir of John Baisey. I do not yet know if this cemetery is the same one mentioned in John Baisey’s estate, or a different cemetery. Still searching for land documentation for: Walter Jones, his wife Sarah Walker & John Baisey.

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One thing I loved about this cemetery visit was that Lindbergh looked at my leg braces and said, “It might be a bit far for you to walk. Would you like to go for a ride on my wagon?” I got to ride on this wagon he made. The wooden slats were the right width to tie tobacco leaves. With enough space to set tools in between the slats. He pulled me on his riding lawn mower. It was a fun memory.

Walter Jones Cemetery info. The info in this image is a PDF, beside the word download.

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