Taylor-Finch cemetery

I visited this Cemetery October 12, 2008. The Finch cemetery has a gate around it and is right next to the Taylor Cemetery. The two cemeteries are separate but adjacent. The Taylor family owned the land first. The Finch family owned it after the Taylor family.

Thomas Taylor married Martha Leach 5 August 1808 in Mecklenburg County, Virginia.

Chris Patillo visited the cemetery a few years ago and shared the following pictures:

Munsey Adams Moore wrote about this cemetery in his cemetery book, Volume 2, pg 256. The copyright is 1987. Thankfully he transcribed this 21 years before I went, because I could barely read the inscriptions on the Taylor stones. There were many words I could not read at all. Here is Mr. Moore’s transcription:

Thomas Taylor “Died 15 Oct. 1824 aged 50 years and 5 months. This monument which coverth his remains was erected by his seven grandchildren as a feeble testimony of their affection for him while living and veneration for his memory.” Bowie and Wright (engraver)

Martha Taylor wife of Thomas Taylor died 20 June 1853 aged 67 years and 3 months. “Her children have caused this tablet to be erected as a feeble testimony of their devoted affection for her while living and of their profound reverence for her memory. By them her virtuous life, and example and wise precepts will be long remembered and cherished.” Bowie and Wright (engraver)

Mary Adalena Taylor daughter of Thomas and Martha Taylor died 11 June 1832 aged 9 years.

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