La Crosse Cemetery (partial)

Tombstones moved from near the lake

(from post Mar 1, 2021) Last summer, my husband and I took some pictures of La Crosse. We stopped to get an overview picture of the La Crosse cemetery to go with my La Crosse picture collection. I looked down at the tombstone near where I was standing to take my picture with GPS coordinates and was surprised to see a tombstone with the name Steagall, which is one of my ancestors’ surnames. I had not previously seen this name on a tombstone in Mecklenburg with these early dates. I mentioned this to my friend Wayne Rainey as we prepared to meet and visit several Rainey related places in Mecklenburg. He told me that there is a part of the La Crosse cemetery where graves were moved to when the Kerr Dam went in on the Roanoke river and enlarged the lakes. I went back to La Crosse cemetery this month to see the area where the burials were moved. I discovered this Stegall tombstone is in that area.

The following names are on the Stegall Tombstone: Jesse, Willis, John W., William H., Thomas J., George W., Lucy F. Nicholson, Nancy Thomas, Lucy A. Newton, Piety Paynter, Louisa Vincent wife of Lewis W.

If you are facing the Stegall tombstone, these next two grave markers are to the right. They were unmarked (unkown) burials by Kerr Dam and Resevoir. Note, the center number on the second image says 57-64 unknown. I assume that these two markers are numbering rows of burials, totaling 80 burials.

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