Carroll Cemetery

Some friends took me to the Carroll cemetery November 21, 2019. There are no tombstones, only field stones. There was a circular dirt road around the cemetery area. There were several rows of burials. There’s a lot of leaves and brush, so it’s difficult to estimate how many people could be buried here. Anywhere from 25 to 40 people could be buried in this cemetery.

The Carroll cemetery is on land that belonged to Arimenta Kidd. Arimenta was first married to Granderson Glover, my great….grandfather. I do not expect him to be buried in this cemetery because he died on the way home from the Civil War. He got sick and was traveling back to Mecklenburg from Tennessee. Arimenta and Granderson’s children all have tombstones and are buried in other places. Arimenta’s second marriage was to Robert R. Carroll, which I think is where this cemetery got it’s name. Arimenta died without a will. A chancery case sold the land that Arimenta had inherited from her father John B. Kidd. The money from the sale was divided between all of Arimenta’s children. Archer Cannon bought a 57 acre piece of the land, which includes where the Cannon cemetery is.

It is possible that Arimenta and Robert Carroll are buried here, because they lived here. It is also possible that Arimeta Kidd and Robert Carroll’s youngest son William J. Carroll and both of his wives (which died young) are buried here. William J. “Buck” Carroll married Mary Nora Thomas who died about 1904 and Bessie Abenbeck who died about 1920. I believe most of the people buried in this cemetery were buried there before the 1820’s and 1830’s when John B. Kidd was buying up land in the area.

John B. Kidd’s “lower plat” of 1862 shows he owned 714 1/2 acres south of Nellie Jones road, along Great Creek. I can only account for him purchasing 500 acres there though. I have not yet been able to determine who previously owned the part of land that became Arimenta Kidd’s estate. John B. Kidd bought 50 acres on Great Greek from Samuel L. Jones and his mother Mary Jones, who had moved to Rutherford, Tennessee. He also bought 310 acres from Thomas Palmer. Lastly, he bought 140 acres from John Griffith’s estate. The cemetery could have previously been Griffith, Palmer, or Jones land, or it could have been part of the 214 1/2 acres I can’t account for, that John B. Kidd may have inherited. Samuel McKinney, Robert Joyce and David Thomas owned bordering properties.

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