Pictures of People: Bracey & Blackridge (click here)

Most recent pictures posted first (At top of page). When a story is posted about these pictures, a perma-link will be added.

See post about this picture:

Margaret Cannon, from Mike Sadler
Margaret “Maude” Cannon married Allen Burl Kidd. Daughter of Robert & Mary Cannon.

Lina Cannon, from Andrew Kidd
Lina Cannon daughter of Joseph Cannon & Sarah Lynch. Married Thomas Ewing Kidd. (son of Jimmy Kidd & Nannie Gray)

Cyphus Cannon, from Andrew Kidd
Joseph Cyphus Cannon son of Joseph Cannon & Sarah Lynch

Samuel Kidd & Lorena Rideout, from Nancy Johnson
Samuel son of Bartlett Kidd & Varinda Jones. Lorena daughter of
David Rideout & Mary Taylor.

See posting about Lorena Rideout’s family:

Sally Dortch & son Jimmy Vick, at Weldon, NC. (Sally born & raised in Mecklenburg) Sally married Vernon Vick; daughter of Alvy Dortch & Tennessee Jordan Glover. From Virginia Oakley Shutt.

Foxhall Poythress, married Annie Kidd; son of William Lewis Poythress & Anna Ella Jones. From Jerry Poythress

Annie Kidd, married Foxhall Poythress; Daughter of Jimmy Kidd & Nannie Gray. From Jerry Poythress.

Lula Kidd, married Edwin Lambert; Daughter of Jimmy Kidd & Nannie Gray.
From Stephen Lambert

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