Gray Family Pictures

Woman standing is Mattie Floyd. (married Charles Gray). Older couple not known, but Mattie’s parents had died by this time. From Hazel King.

See post 9 Feb 2020:

Alginon Gray’s wedding 5 May 1904: Standing: John Millner, Thomas Gray, Alginon Gray. Sitting: Charles Gray, Frank Gray, & George C. Taylor.
Found in photo albums of Hazel King, James Kidd & Fannie Gray (daughter of Alginon)

Charles Gray & Mattie Floyd family picture. Mattie’s sister Lelia Edenbeck 2nd from right, standing. From Evan Lee

Thomas Gray & Lelia Edenbeck
from Bob Caruso

Sisters: Martha Gray Moseley, Dolly Gray Taylor, Nannie Gray Kidd
from Jim Kidd

Jimmy Kidd & Nannie Gray
From Jim Kidd

Francis Gray, Martha Dortch (mother), Hoyt Gray. 1912, the boys surname changed to Brown. From Oakley family.

1904- Fannie Gray, age 11, at her father Alginon Gray’s 2nd wedding. Daughter of Alginon Gray & Theresa Dortch.

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