Gray Family Pictures (click here)

Links will also be added in soon, with any stories or information that goes with these pictures.

See post 9 Feb 2020:

Alginon Gray’s wedding 5 May 1904: Standing: John Millner, Thomas Gray, Alginon Gray. Sitting: Charles Gray, Frank Gray, & George C. Taylor.
Found in photo albums of Hazel King, James Kidd & Fannie Gray (daughter of Alginon)

Charles Gray & Mattie Floyd family picture. Mattie’s sister Lelia Edenbeck 2nd from right, standing. From Evan Lee

Thomas Gray & Lelia Edenbeck
from Bob Caruso

Sisters: Martha Gray Moseley, Dolly Gray Taylor, Nannie Gray Kidd
from Jim Kidd

Jimmy Kidd & Nannie Gray
From Jim Kidd

Woman standing is Mattie Floyd. (married Charles Gray). Older couple not known, but Mattie’s parents had died by this time. From Hazel King

Francis Gray, Martha Dortch (mother), Hoyt Gray. 1912, the boys surname changed to Brown. From Oakley family.

1904- Fannie Gray, age 11, at her father Alginon Gray’s 2nd wedding. Daughter of Alginon Gray & Theresa Dortch.

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