GPS Collaborative Map

There are 5 layers to the map.

  1. Cemeteries and churches
  2. time period: 1700-1790 purple
  3. time period: 1791-1820 yellow
  4. time period: 1821-1850 orange
  5. time period: 1851-1880 blue
  6. time period: 1881-1920 brown
  7. poles & boundaries to help me with plotting

If you don’t see one layer, click on the box as shown below

I know it looks like a lot of pins, but it’s what I need to help me find things. When searching for where a plat fits, I look at the names of neighbors. If for example JR Cole and Miles Hall were listed as the neighbors, I can see pins (with their names) where I marked them as neighbors on other deeds. It helps me fit the plats together like a puzzle.

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