Cole surname


Alice Taylor Cole

married Willie Taylor Cole

baby Cole

Born & died 1965. Beside Frances & John Baxter Cole in cemetery.

Barbara S. Cole

married Lawrence L. Cole

Betty Cole Lee

Betty I. Cole

married Clarence Wilson Cole

Clarence Wilson Cole

Edwin Johnson Cole

Ella E. “Lizzie” Cole

Ella Hall Cole

married to William Irvin Cole

Elsie L. Cole

married Edwin Cole

Evelyn Hale Cole

married Vernon Cole

Frances Lucy Cole

married John Baxter Cole

Isaac Cole

John Baxter Cole

John R. Cole

John Zeb Cole

Lawrence L. Cole

Lillian Cole

married to Martin Case


Maggie Kidd Cole

married to William Irvin Cole

Martha Webb Cole

married John R. Cole

Rosa Cole

married John C. Jones & Robert Temple

Rosabella Jones Cole

married John R. Cole

Susan Johnson Cole

married to John Zeb Cole

Vernon C. Cole

William Irvin Cole

Willie Taylor Cole

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