The 22nd and 98th Virginia Regiments

While researching my ancestors in Mecklenburg County, many of the records I have found pertaining to my family show that they were located in the the 98th Regiment. I have not been able to find a map that showed what the boundaries of the 98th Regiment were, so I decided to research it and mapContinue reading “The 22nd and 98th Virginia Regiments”

Estates of John & James Jones 1817-1835

William Jones wrote a confusing will in January 1818. I’ve read the will many times and found it difficult to understand because he didn’t clarify several relationships regarding people he named in his will. William said “my son John”, and that when John died, “my four grandchildren” received John’s portion of the estate. The grandchildrenContinue reading “Estates of John & James Jones 1817-1835”

Martha Newman’s ancestors

I found this Bible transcription record (pictured below) regarding the family of James B. Jones and his wife Martha, on the Library of Virginia website. This is from the book “Family Records, Mecklenburg County, Virginia”, edited by Susan Bracey Sheppard and Carol Bracey Corker. My ancestors who are mentioned in this Bible record are JamesContinue reading “Martha Newman’s ancestors”

Mecklenburg Hotel in Chase City

I found this fun newspaper ad and decided to learn more about it. I visited Chase City in February and did not remember seeing a “Mecklenburg Hotel”. So, I wondered is it no longer standing? The word sanitarium has a negative image in my mind, of places for treating tuberculosis or other chronic illnesses, whichContinue reading “Mecklenburg Hotel in Chase City”

The first church in Mecklenburg County, Virginia

St. James Church was the first church in Mecklenburg County, Virginia. The deed for St. James church was recorded in deed book 1, page 259. The deed records that the church wardens paid David Christopher one shilling sterling for two acres, which were a part of David’s original land patent. The location of the twoContinue reading “The first church in Mecklenburg County, Virginia”