Walker Family Cemetery in La Crosse

I posted a new page today about the Walker family Cemetery located in La Crosse. Surnames include: Walker, Tharrington, Vaughan, Monahan, Robertson, Thomasson, Koegel, and Maddrea. Click here to view it:

2 responses to “Walker Family Cemetery in La Crosse”

  1. Julie, My grandfather was Walker Benjamin Newman, my Uncle was William Walker Newman and our son is Benton Walker Newman. I see that Abner Newman (1770-1842) had three daughters (Emma, Varinda and Parthenia) all marry men with Walker surnames. I assume that is where the Walker name integrated into our family. Emma married Edward Walker, Varinda married David Walker, Parthenia married Freeman Walker. I know nothing more about the Walker family. Your link doesn’t mention any of the three listed above. -Dave


    1. I’m not quite sure of the connection yet. Unfortunately these Walkers used a lot of the same names. I think this group are cousins to our Newmans & Walkers. The 3 Walker brothers were son of a William Walker. He had several brothers. I’m not sure which brother or cousin yet, this Cemetery would be.


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