Mecklenburg Militia Officers, Revolutionary War

Date of record: 13 October 1777

The Order of the last Court recommending militia Officers to his excellency the Governor is set aside & It is Ordered that the following persons be recommended in [illegible-consideration?] to his excellency the Governor as proper for Officers to fill up the two battalions of militia in this County to wit.

In the first Battalion

Lewis Burwell esq. Colonel; Thacker Burwell esq. Lieutenant Colonel, and James Anderson esq. Major

John Murray, first Captain; Robert Smith, first Lieutenant; Thomas Carleton, second Lieutenant; & Thomas Neal, ensign.

Charles Clay, second Captain; Richard Epperson, first lieutenant; John Clay Sr. second lieutenant; Harman Thompson, ensign.

Henry Walker, third Captain; William Neal, first lieutenant; Thomas Jones, second lieutenant; John Winn, ensign.

George Tarry, fourth Captain; Drury Smith, first lieutenant; Baxter Davis, second lieutenant; Elijah Graves, ensign.

William Green, fifth Captain; Richard Willon, first lieutenant, Edward Goode, second lieutenant; Thomas Pettus junr. ensign.

James Hester, sixth Captain; Joseph Royster, first lieutenant; Clausel Clausel, second lieutenant; Caleb Johnson, ensign.

Asa Oliver, seventh Captain; Robert Smith, first lieutenant; Thomas Carleton, second lieutenant; Thomas Neal, ensign.          

James Hall, eighth Captain; Charles Royster, first lieutenant; John Hudson , second lieutenant; Richard Winn, ensign.

Howell Taylor, ninth Captain; Thomas Greenwood, first lieutenant; William Hundley, second lieutenant; Daniel Marrow, ensign.

In the Second Battalion

Bennett Goode, esq. Col.; William Lucas, esq. Lieut. Colonel; John Burton, esq Major.

Reuben Vaughan, first Captain; Josiah Dailey, first lieutenant; Charles Hutcheson, second lieutenant; Richard Hutcheson, ensign.

William Leigh, second Captain; William Roffe, first lieutenant; Thomas Shipp second lieutenant; James Wilson ensign.

James Lewis, third Captain; John Kendrick, first lieutenant; Hardaway Davis, second lieutenant; George Freeman, ensign.

Stephen Mabry, fourth Captain; Goodwyn Taylor, first lieutenant; John Holmes, second lieutenant; Thomas Tanner, ensign.

John Brown, fifth Captain; Jesse Taylor, first lieutenant; Peter Thomas, second lieutenant; William Jones, ensign.

Samuel Marshall, sixth Captain; Isaac Johnson, first lieutenant; Peter Winfield, second lieutenant; William Drumright, ensign.

Lewis Parham, seventh Captain; Samuel Holmes Sr. first lieutenant; John Farrar, second lieutenant; William Lucas Sr. ensign.

Benjamin Ferrell, eighth Captain; James Ferrell, first lieutenant; John Baskerville, second lieutenant; Jacob Bugg, ensign.

Richard Swepson, ninth Captain; Tingal Jones Sr., first lieutenant; William Eastland, second lieutenant; James Toone, ensign.

4 responses to “Mecklenburg Militia Officers, Revolutionary War”

  1. Julie,

    This info is an excellent addition. With that many folks potentially involved, I now see why there

    was need for a tri-county Powder Magazine at Taylor’s Ferry. Thanks very much.



  2. dianedaniel148 Avatar

    Julie, I always love your posts. I just ordered a book on the Mecklenburg County, Va. Rev. War Soldiers last week. Hopefully it will arrive later this week.



    1. Thank you! I have and enjoy that book. When you commented I went to pull out my book & looked up an usual name. I was surprised to see an order book reference and it was to the page I had just posted about. I’m going to have to read through this book again more. Your comment helped me, thanks!


    2. Thank you! I have that book & feel it is a great resource.


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