quick note about the index updates

I have completely reworked, moved and upgraded the index. Each page now contains two columns, and stretches the full width of the website. Instead of the full address link visible to click on, the link is now embedded in the title of each page. So you can now more easily see if it is a cemetery page or a post. I hope you find the changes a bit more user friendly. There are now 177 surname pages. Everything on the site is indexed current through today, including cemeteries. I added 19 new surnames today: McKinney, Muston, Moss, Ferrell, Harris, Kennon, Wall, Palmer, Good, Kerr, Stegall, Nicholson, Newton, Sims, Paynter, Roebuck, Land, Gregory and Leach.

Here’s an example of the updated Taylor surname index page:

If you have pictures or stories you would like to share, please let me know. You may write and submit something, or tell me what you’d like said, and I will write it then double check it’s just the way you like it, before posting. Please tell me how you would like the submission or photos credited.

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  1. Great job..mush easier thanksSent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone


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