Taylor-Finch house

I learned about the Taylor Finch cemetery from Munsey Moore’s cemetery book. I visited there on October 12, 2008 with a friend. I knocked on the door of this house, which was where the book described the location of the cemetery to be. The lady living in the Taylor Finch house told me she had recently bought the house, and that the cemetery was not part of her property, but she would be happy to show me where the cemetery was. Large tree branches had fallen and damaged some of the tombstones. My friend and the lady that lived in the Taylor Finch house helped me turn over tombstones that had broken at the base and fallen so I could get pictures. Then, because of my interest in the cemetery, the lady asked me if I’d like to see her cellar which was above ground. There was no electricity there, so we held up flashlights while I attempted to get a picture of the names carved in the wall beside the fireplace.

This home was not photographed or written up in the WPA (Works Progress Administration) or Virginia Historical Society collection; however, this Finch family is in the book of Mecklenburg family Bible transcriptions: “Family Records, Mecklenburg County, Virginia” edited by Sheppard and Corker, pages 46-49.

Taylor Finch house October 2008
Picture I took to help me remember where this house and cemetery were.
Red circled area is the location of Taylor Finch house and cemetery.

Click this image with the Finch gate to go to the Taylor Finch family cemetery page.

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