Percival Webb from Clarksville

Today’s post was submitted by Eric Johnson. Thank you Eric! Do you have any information about this picture, or this person? If so please comment below or email me.

I have what might best be described as a hobby, I purchase vintage photographs at antique stores and malls and then try to return them to families.

I have during the past two years been able to return twenty such photos.

To take it a step further, I am looking for photos of men and women in uniform on which has been written a name. The name gives me a starting point!

Early this year, I purchased the below photo, a young man in a cadet uniform. On the front of the photo is written the name Percival Webb.

I can’t even recall the path I took? But a bit of pure, dumb luck! But eventually, Webb was tracked to VMI! His full name was Henry Percival Webb, Class of 1884. He died 3 April 1889.

A resource from provided by VMI, included a picture of Webb. They were the same young man!

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