Three Doctors From Mecklenburg

While looking through various Mecklenburg Court records on, I saw something of interest in the Circuit Court records: Doctor certificates from 1892 and 1893. There were only three records: Doctor Edward T. Hamilton, Doctor Edward R. Tarry, and Doctor Garland H. Carter. I looked to see what I could find about each man.

Edward T. Hamilton

The first man, Edward T. Hamilton, was born in Alabama, but found living in Boydton by the age of fourteen. He did not marry. While a practicing doctor, he lived with his sister, Annie Toone, in Boydton. His mother’s name was Lucy Tarry, and his middle name is Tarry. So, I wonder if he is related to the second doctor I found, doctor Edward R. Tarry. This is Edward Tarry Hamilton’s medical certificate at the Mecklenburg, Virginia Courthouse:

I found all three doctors in a digitized record collection on FamilySearch called ‘United States Deceased Physician File’. This link shows images and tells about the collection.

Here is a direct link to search the collection.

This is the index transcription of this same collection that shows up on

Doctor Edward R. Tarry

Doctor Edward R. Tarry has an 1893 doctor’s certificate in Mecklenburg, but I haven’t found any other evidence that he practiced there. His obituary says that he moved to Omaha Nebraska in 1902 and that he was from Tarry’s Mill, Virginia. I found this 1911 map which shows that location. (Bottom center, on the state line)

Doctor Tarry’s obituary also said that he married Miss Alpha Fields in July 1917, and that he had a daughter named Virginia. He was listed in the 1910 Omaha City directory as a doctor, renting No. 222 – Bee building.

This findagrave link shows his obituary and an advertisement for his practice which includes his picture.

marriage record on
Dr. Tarry’s family, the year after his death.
Edward Tarry’s medical certificate in Mecklenburg,VA courthouse

Doctor Garland H. Carter

Doctor Garland H. Carter had a medical practice in Boydton in the same time period that Doctor Edward Hamilton also lived and practiced there. The 1920 Federal Census listed Doctor Garland Carter’s occupation as a town and country medical doctor. I think he lived near the intersection of Washington and Jones Streets, according to the census address notations. Doctor Carter lived to be ninety years old, dying from a cerebral vascular accident.

Do you know any stories about these doctors, or any other doctors in Mecklenburg County before 1960? If so please comment below.

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