New site features: behind the scenes

I hope you find these new features helpful. I also hope they will help you more quickly spot a person you are interested in.

I have manually created an index for this site.

Click on that link and you will see the letters of the alphabet, then list of surnames for that letter. If for example you wanted to find Theresa India Dortch who was married to Alginon Gray, you would first click on “D”. The “D” page will show available surnames beginning with the letter “D.” Click on “Dortch”. The same for Gray. I have tried to put all the same entries for Teresa under both Dortch and Gray index pages. But I don’t always know women’s married names. So because of that and human error on my part, please check women under all surnames you might know they used. If you see that I don’t have someone under their married name, please send me an update. I’m updating this index every Sunday with each new post, picture, cemetery notes and everything I can think to label with a name, -it all goes under this surname index.

I have reformatted my map. There is now a cemetery layer, an early 1800s layer & the rest. (about 1840 to abut 1900). I have just the cemetery layer showing in the map, on the cemeteries page.

I am in the early stages of adding cemeteries. I have several partially formatted cemetery posts. I’m trying to look up old notes I made during previous visits to finish out the posts. I also welcome submissions and hope this can be a collaborative effort. I’m planning to post what I saw or heard about the cemetery, with info from the tombstones in a PDF which can be downloaded. Walter Jones is my first cemetery example. Much more coming soon.

My goal is to post once a week, Mondays at 10:00AM. I posted 3 times a week during May because I had a lot of submissions. I’ve gotten more veterans post submissions, so I’ll continue to post those. Even though it is past the May spotlights, I still want to post whatever is submitted to the site.

Post update: Cole Cemetery is now up to view.

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