Aubrey Tutor-WWII Veteran

Aubrey Tudor with wife Anna Maria Woomer

This picture comes from Elva Kidd White and her sons. Elva told me she wrote her cousins during the war, every Sunday. Aubrey’s mother and Elva’s father were siblings.

Aubrey moved to Pennsylvania and married Anna Marie Woomer 1 Apr 1940 in New Kensington, Pennsylvania. He joined the military in 1942.

Aubrey Tudor’s registration card says he was 5 feet 11 inches, brown eyes, black hair, light complexion. Aubrey’s brother Charles died in the war. Here’s the veteran burial card for Aubrey, and a benifits application showing military service information:

Published by Julie Cabitto

I've always been passionate about family history. I thoroughly enjoy stories, pictures, maps, charting, good sourcing, and looking for ways newer technology can help with sharing. I try to understand whole communities: all the neighbors, ethnicities, historical events and occupations of my ancestors environments. My work is divided into two areas: My Polish & Virginia families.

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