Lubril Lafayette Overbey-WWI Veteran

This is my great uncle, Lubril Lafayette Overbey.  He served as a private in WWl in the 122 Engineers, Company C.  He worked for the railroad after the war.  He died in 1961 in Richmond and is buried in the Overbey plot in Oakhurst cemetery in Clarkesville, Va.

Julie’s note: This post was written and submitted by Franklin Overbey. Thank you Franklin, for sharing your pictures and stories of your father and uncle!

Published by Julie Cabitto

I've always been passionate about family history. I thoroughly enjoy stories, pictures, maps, charting, good sourcing, and looking for ways newer technology can help with sharing. I try to understand whole communities: all the neighbors, ethnicities, historical events and occupations of my ancestors' environments. I write, research and work on my 3 family history websites daily, full time. I post stories and family pages as often as I can. My work is divided into three areas: Mecklenburg County Virginia, Colonial Virginia and Polish.

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