Franklin Truitt Overbey Sr-WWII Veteran

The attached picture is of my father Franklin Truitt Overbey Sr.  He is the eldest son of Henry Cabell and Buena May Overbey from Nelson, Va.   His younger brother Hope Wayne Overbey (deceased and buried in Oakhurst Cemetery in Clarksville) also served in WWII in the European theater.  They have a younger sister, Lana Carolyn (still living in Richmond, Va).  He served in New Guinea and the Philippines in the Sixth Infantry Division (the Sightseeing Sixth) where he achieved the rank of Tech Sergeant.  He was honorably discharged after contracting malaria while in the Philippines.  He passed on June 19, 1984 in Richmond and is also buried in Oakhurst Cemetery in Clarksville, Va.

Franklin Truitt Overbey Jr.
16268 Deerfield Ln.
Montpelier, Va 23192

Overbey, Arisaka & Thompson

Julie’s notes: Franklin’s registration card says he was 6 feet tall, 150 pounds, brown hair, brown eyes, freckled complexion. Also I wanted to clarify that there is a Nelson County, Virginia. But that is not where Franklin is from. Nelson is a rural area near Clarksville, in Mecklenburg, County, Virginia.

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