Hicks & Joyce family: Ireland, VA & NC

Nicholas Hicks & Margaret Sain (from Pat Ritchie)

Charles P. Hicks married Margaret Joyce in 1840. They moved from Mecklenburg, VA to Catawba, NC, where they were farmers. Children were Robert, William, Nicholas Franklin, Mary, and John Joseph. Robert and William fought in the Civil War and served under Captain Mull.  (Note from Pat Ritchie:  Nicholas told my father, John Hicks, Sr. that he served in the Civil War, but records cannot be found.) Nicholas married Margaret Elizabeth Roxanna Jane Sain on 9-1-1879 and they had seven children: Martha, b. Dec 1882; Anner Feb 1884; Ed Jan 1886; Halda Feb 1888; Bertha Apr 1890; George Nov 1893; Charles Gordon b. 1901. 

Nicholas was a farmer.  Between 1900 and 1910 Nicholas and brother John J. Hicks ran an academy, South Fork Academy, in Catawba County.

Nicholas died in March, 1927 of a heart lesion and was buried at Ebenezer United Methodist Church Cemetery, Hickory, N. C.  His wife died 3 months later and was buried beside him.

This post was written and submitted by Pat Ritchie a descendant of Nicholas & Margaret. Thank you Pat for sharing your picture and story!

3 responses to “Hicks & Joyce family: Ireland, VA & NC”

  1. Thanks, Julie, for posting this information!

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  2. There’s a monograph on Ancestry (downloadable, I think). The title is “The Catawba Soldier of the Civil War. This has history of county and sketches of various soldiers (with pictures).

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    1. Thank you Liza for telling us about this, and what is included!


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