1880 Poythress vs Exr Nancy Thomas

Julie’s notes: From Mecklenburg County, VA Chancery: 1880-031 William L. Poythress vs Thomas Ex’or

This transcription is of the deposition of William Lewis Poythress & the will of Nancy Thomas, both part of this case. Typed as written, from xerox copies of the records obtained at Library of Virginia.  The estate appraised at $8,462 – 29 December 1864. But by 1880, William still hadn’t been paid. This estate had extreme value loss at the end of the war & Reconstruction time period. Dr. Riggan said in his deposition he was a dentist. He also said, that the estate sale was in Confederate Dollars, noting accounts & people who became insolvent while he was trying to settle this estate. Nancy’s maiden name was House, she was the widow of Bennett Thomas.  

Names involved in this transcription from the case:

  1. Nancy Thomas, her will
  2. Edward Thomas, son of Nancy
  3. Amanda F. King, daughter of Nancy
  4. Lucy Poythress, daughter of Nancy
  5. Rebbeca Ann Tudor, daughter of Nancy
  6. Edward Griffith, grandson of Nancy, son of Rebecca Tudor
  7. William L Poythress, grandson of Nancy, son of Lucy Poythress
  8. Benjamin Children, son in law of Nancy (married Kadissa Thomas)
  9. Robin Thomas, brother in law of Nancy
  10. John R. Barner, witness
  11. W.T. Pennington, witness
  12. L. J. Rose, witness
  13. A.S. Lee, lawyer
  14. RT Thorp, lawyer
  15. RF Clack, clerk
  16. RP Hughes, clerk
  17. C. J Faulkner, commissioner
  18. Dr. E. H. Riggan, defendants, executor of Nancy’s estate.

Not in this transcript but other witnesses:

  1. J Richard Burton
  2. Phillip Love
  3. WR Gregg
  4. AG Boyd
  5. Captain SP Thrower
  6. William F Atkins
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